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    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    The paper snowflakes I made before Christmas and hung in the archway between the living and dining room are still there. Mostly because I rather like these snowflakes and I think they are pretty, but also to bring some snow to this winter. We've been having a very cold and snow-less winter this year in Chicago. There has been some snow, but it's all gone now - washed away by rain. For the past two winters there has been a lack of snow in Chicago. I'm not a big cold-lover, I do prefer warmer weather, but I am a strong believer that if it's going to be cold - there should be some snow.

    Ever since I got some finger paints for Aria as a Christmas present, I've been taking them out every once in awhile and letting her paint away. Then I hang up her artwork on the wall. Our walls are rather bare, and this is an easy fix.

     Our tiny little bookshelf is filled with Aria's books that I've picked up at the thrift store. She occasionally picks out a book and wants to read it, but her favorite activity is definitely pulling all the books off the shelf over and over again. She does it so often I just started stacking the books horizontally instead of vertically - it's easier to clean up and easier to pull down.

    This is what I wish the top of the bookshelf could look like on a daily basis, but with a 2-year-old, it only looks like this in photos.

    These are shoes that I've gotten within the past few months at the thrift store. My thrift store often has great shoes, the tricky part is finding shoes that fit though, because you know there's only one pair!

    This first pair of shoes is definitely my favorite pair of heels. They are super comfortable, unique, the heel isn't too high and go with a variety of outfits. After I buy stuff at the thrift store I love searching for them online to find the original cost. I found these for $92 online! I got them for about $7 at the thrift store!

    Of course, oftentimes, the things purchased at thrift stores are no longer in season or stock at most stores so finding them online can be quite a challenge.


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