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  1. Style Update: Wildflowers

    Sunday, June 9, 2013

    The wildflowers are blooming! They are so gorgeous and bountiful at our local nature park. Aria and I even picked a few and have them in a vase at home.

    Yes I am wearing a skirt over my dress. I bought this skirt without realizing how short it was on me. I may give it to my sister even though I love the stripes! I was looking to wear a longer skirt under the striped one but I ended up deciding on the dress, you can see it peeking out the bottom of the skirt a little bit. I've also worn the same dress here.

    Cardigan: Sweaterworks
    Scarf: gift
    Necklace: Pink freshwater pearl necklace from Thailand
    Vest: Forever 21
    Dress: Xhileration for Target
    Skirt: Forever 21 (xxi)
    Belt: unknown brand
    Tights: unknown brand

    Photography by Uncaged Photography

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  2. Life Lately...

    Friday, June 7, 2013

    Photos from the past month from my phone

    ^My little succulents growing in the front window^

    Salted caramel filled chocolate cookies, recipe here^^

    ^Chorizo, over-medium egg, crema, queso fresco and basil w/ corn tortillas^

    ^Gnocchi with tomato-basil sauce^ 

    ^Little porcelain rabbit that holds my ring while I wash the dishes^

    ^^baby strawberries! Just picked them the other day, even though they are tiny they are so sweet and delicious!

    ^Nutella mousse, recipe to come!^

    ^Homemade stove I made for Aria from a cardboard box.^

    ^Aria fell asleep mid-meal after church one Sunday!^

    ^Goodies I found at the Chinese grocery near my house. So excited!^

    ^Edamame with salt^


  3. I got this recipe from White on Rice Couple. They have a lot of fantastic recipes with AMAZING photography (due to the fact that they are both professional food photographers). I'm not posting the recipe here because I didn't really change anything about the recipe. I did use vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract just so I could see those specks of vanilla in it. 

    I LOVE this recipe. I've already made it at least four times. It's one of those desserts that's not too sweet so you can justify eating it as breakfast. It also doesn't make a large amount. Only an 8x8" pan, so nine square slices. I have eaten an entire pan by myself over the course of one and a half days. It's so good. You feel like you can eat so much because it's not overly sweet. I describe the taste as "a really thick pancake" to other people. It obviously isn't the same texture as a pancake but it has that same lightly sweet flavor. 

    I bake mine for about 45 minutes. I actually slightly under-bake my cake so the cake layer is thinner and there is some soft custard right between the cake layer and the firm custard. I find it just so delicious and I hope you do too!