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    Friday, June 7, 2013

    Photos from the past month from my phone

    ^My little succulents growing in the front window^

    Salted caramel filled chocolate cookies, recipe here^^

    ^Chorizo, over-medium egg, crema, queso fresco and basil w/ corn tortillas^

    ^Gnocchi with tomato-basil sauce^ 

    ^Little porcelain rabbit that holds my ring while I wash the dishes^

    ^^baby strawberries! Just picked them the other day, even though they are tiny they are so sweet and delicious!

    ^Nutella mousse, recipe to come!^

    ^Homemade stove I made for Aria from a cardboard box.^

    ^Aria fell asleep mid-meal after church one Sunday!^

    ^Goodies I found at the Chinese grocery near my house. So excited!^

    ^Edamame with salt^


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