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  1. I know it's been FOREVER since I posted something. I just got married on June 29th, and to save money I did almost all DIY. So I was extremely busy in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

    We did our own flowers for the wedding. It was a mix (half and half) of real flowers and fake. I ordered wholesale roses, carnations and dusty miller leaves online and the rest were fake. I got all my floral inspiration off of Pinterest and it turned out exactly the way I wanted. 

    Of course my family was a GIANT help. Everyone pitched in. I made the bridal/bridesmaid bouquets and large vases, my grandma made all the boutonnieres and corsages, and my mom and sister arranged all the bud vases. My family also helped to keep the flowers alive until the wedding day by trimming the stems and changing the water everyday. :)

    I took these photos at the wedding rehearsal while we were setting up the decorations. I didn't take a finished photo, you'll have to wait until I get photos back from my family and the photographer. I came up with the idea to make lace "ribbons" as a backdrop for the wedding. 

    My church has a long metal pipe set up to hang banners from so it was perfect! My grandma and I bought lace fabric and curtains from the thrift store and cut them into 2-inch wide strips and then sewed them together to make long enough ribbons to hang. I cut the strips at slightly varying lengths after it was all hung up and my brother and cousin helped to hang white Christmas lights behind which gave some sparkle.

    One of my bridesmaids and myself off to take portraits before the wedding!

    New teapot wedding gifts!

    Grilled Kale and Bread salad using wedding gift grill pan.

    Lemon-poppyseed waffles with blueberry sauce using wedding gift waffle-maker.

    Homemade frozen vanilla bean custard with wedding gift ice cream machine. The texture wasn't quite right because when I chilled the custard (before putting it in the machine) it developed small lumps which I didn't bother straining out. Oops. Now I know for next time. Tastes great though.

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