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  1. Blueberry-Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan)

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, although sometimes I eat like one. Especially when it's just me and my daughter, my husband usually demands some sort of protein for every main meal. I'm less picky. My midday meals tend to be a bit odd. Kale/Swiss Chard salads, Roasted sweet potatoes, easy pasta dishes, almonds, soups, etc. :) Of course a lot of midday meals are catered to Aria, so it's whatever's easiest and nutritious for her. I made this recipe as a combination of two that I found online. 

    I had been seeing different recipes for Blueberry-Buttermilk ice cream circling on Pinterest and that made me want to make some sort of blueberry ice cream - but buttermilk ice cream just doesn't sound appetizing, however delicious it may be. My cupboard is always full of coconut milk, so I decided that the rich and creamy flavor of coconut would be much better. And it was AMAZING! Definitely making again. Although with slightly less sugar, it was slightly too sweet and the coconut flavor was definitely more prominent because of that.

    Please pardon the wonky colors in the photos, I had to use Picmonkey to edit these since my Photoshop wasn't working. This image ^^^ is the closest color match.

    Blueberry-Coconut Ice Cream
    makes 3/4 loaf pan
    adapted from here and here

    - 1 1/2 pints fresh blueberries (about 3 cups)
     - 1 cup sugar (I think next time I'll lower it to 3/4 or a 1/2 cup, so feel free to make it as sweet as you like)
    - 2 cans full fat coconut milk
    - Zest and juice from one or two lemons

    Puree blueberries and sugar in a blender until smooth.
    Pour through a fine sieve over a bowl and discard solids. You will still have tiny flecks of blueberry throughout the ice cream, as you can see in my pictures.
    Whisk in the coconut milk, lemon zest and juice. Taste and add more lemon juice or sugar if needed.

    Pour mixture into your ice cream machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. While your mixture is churning, place a loaf pan in the freezer to chill it. When the ice cream is finished, transfer to the chilled pan and freeze until hardened; at least 2 hours.



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