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  1. Eggs and Chorizo Tacos: Two Ways

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    This is a breakfast we have quite commonly. It's also a very common Mexican breakfast. It's very easy and has inexpensive ingredients. The first way is how I like to make it and the second way is the more traditional route. Traditionally the eggs and chorizo are all mixed together, but I prefer a more pronounced chorizo flavor so I usually cook the eggs and meat separately.

    Eggs and Chorizo Taco

    - El Supremo pork chorizo [I prefer the "original picante" flavor]
    - three to five eggs
    - corn tortillas
    - crema [or sour cream]
    - salsa verde
    - cilantro and/or your favorite veggie toppings

    Method One
    Cook one whole tube of chorizo meat in a pan until thoroughly cooked. Transfer to plate. Using the same pan cook eggs over-easy [or over-medium as I like them], transfer eggs to the same plate as the chorizo.

    Method Two
    Cook the chorizo in the same amount and way as above, but instead of cooking the eggs separately add them to the pan with the chorizo. Stir to well combine and cook until the eggs are done.

    How To Assemble the Tacos
    Whichever way you cook the chorizo and eggs, you assemble the tacos the same way.
    To heat the tortillas, turn on one of your gas burners on medium-low and place the tortilla over the flame flipping once. About ten seconds per side, or until lightly charred. Keep tortillas warm in a clean dishcloth.

    Spread about one tablespoon of crema in the middle of a tortilla, top with egg and chorizo, top that with a teaspoon of salsa verde, and sprinkle on your veggie toppings.
    [See top photo for finished tacos]


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