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    Sunday, March 10, 2013

    Aria loves Cutie Clementines. She usually peels them and takes apart the segments herself, but occasionally she will ask me for help. She is always asking for her oranges, or as she says, "Ohs". It's good that she enjoys a healthy snack. She also likes apples, her favorite is Granny Smith apples, with the skin peeled off. 

    Aria is our little climber/explorer, always finding interesting ways to relax. I missed taking a picture of it but she likes to lay with her head on the sofa and her feet up on the coffee table so she's suspended above the floor. It looks very precarious, but she hasn't fallen yet.  


    Aria gets super animated while watching her movies or tv shows. She waves, answers hellos, and reacts to various things that happen in whatever she is watching - which usually involves a lot of yelling and running around and gesturing at the tv. It's so hilarious, it's more entertaining to watch her than whatever's on. If I had a phone that could capture video, I'd add one of her, but alas, I only have a little flip phone.

    Below is a wind-up music "box" that I got as a gift YEARS ago, when I was in middle school. (I'm very good at keeping gifts and especially toys. A lot of the stuffed animal toys that we have for Aria I've had for many years, one teddy bear that she now has I've had since I was four!) Anyway, she's always asking me to wind up the music, although it recently broke from falling off the coffee table. It's a quick super-glue fix though, the only thing that happened was the music box mechanism fell out of the bottom. 


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