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  1. Style Update: Modcloth

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    Aria has started photo-bombing my style photos. She copies EVERYTHING we do, so her assumption is probably that when I have set the camera to the timer, she must also pose. Sometimes she also makes crazy faces - but that's for the next style post.

    Aria is also wearing new shoes, jacket and dress - all of which I love.

    Aria's shoes: Target
    Aria's jacket: London Fog via Unique
    Aria's dress: also Unique, unsure of brand

    Jacket: H&M
    Necklace: Cambodia (my name in Khmer)
    Undershirt: Express
    Dress: Tulle Clothing by Modcloth
    Belt: Unique thrift store, unknown brand
    Tights: Unknown 
    Black flats: Charlotte Russe
    White heels: Spring

    I only wore the heels for the photos and then switched to the flats to walk around in (Aria and I were walking around to several parks/playgrounds since it was a warm day and I didn't feel like doing that in heels).

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