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  1. Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

    Friday, April 26, 2013

    Yes, that is the theme song to Mr. Rogers.
    A couple nights ago we were watching YouTube and came across this video, 35 facts about Mr. Rogers.
    Apparently Mr. Rogers was the exact same person on and off screen. A genuinely nice person.
    We need more of those in the world.
    Today's version of Mr. Rogers is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS.
    Aria's current favorite show. 

    ^^ This house's number is on a cute dachshund sign.
    It's been a very warm past few days here in Chicago and it has been AMAZING. This whole week is supposed to be in the 60s and possibly even reach 70 degrees. And then the following week is supposed to rain. :( Boo. So we gotta enjoy this weather while it's here. 
    We've been taking lots of walks around the neighborhood and to the parks nearby.
    Lots of photos in the post. Just warning ya. :)

    I was so shocked to see this willow tree along the street - I'm used to seeing them around ponds or down at the beach.

    ^^ Magnolia trees are so beautiful. My favorite flowering tree.
    ^^ I thought this was funny. 

    On the left is Pleasant House Bakery and on the right is Maria's Community Bar. A friend of my cousin's says that Maria's is the best bar in Chicago! They have a large choice of beers - many local and artisanal.

    ^^ Bridgeport Coffee
    ^^ Saw this little house hanging high in a tree along the street. :)
    ^^ saw this little bell hanging on the tree branch, cute and random. :)

    ^^ saw a big turtle at the nature park

     Hope you are all having a warm and wonderful week as well! 

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