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    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    - Old photo, from this past Christmas -

    I'm so behind posting recipes on here it's not even funny. Like at least 2 months behind. My problem is I take photos of the food, copy them onto my hard drive, and then they sit there until I have time to edit them and post them. That's the part that takes the most time and going on the computer with an awake 2-year-old is not very feasible. She just wants to do everything that I'm doing, and it doesn't help that she's fascinated with anything technology related.

    So I'm sorry about not posting very regularly, the only times I get on the computer are after she's asleep for the night, and there is always something else to do besides update me blogs.. like the mega-pile of dishes in the sink, fresh laundry that needs to be put away... and all that fun stuff. 
    So until next time... 


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